An Emergence Magazine retreat with Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

Tuesday, August 10th - Thursday, August 12th

Bore Place, Kent, United Kingdom

Fee: £250 – £425, depending on accommodation, includes everything but travel. Needs-based financial assistance available (see additional details below).


The pandemic ushered in the era of the apocalypse. Predictions of a future threat became lived reality as failing societal and economic structures revealed the fragility of our modern industrial way of life—cracks in the system became chasms. Over the past year and a half, we have witnessed a reckoning with colonialist and racist culture, the rapid increase of the effects of climate breakdown, floundering and corrupt political systems. At the same time, the living world has had new space to breathe and many have sought the outdoors for solace and companionship. So much has been revealed—both the light and the dark—that we have no true sense of what has been set into motion.

Over the coming year, Emergence Magazine will be seeking out stories, hosting gatherings, and facilitating conversations that we hope can help guide us into the next chapter of our collective future. How can we find our footing in a groundless reality where everything can fall apart at a moment’s notice? What pathways to healing must be walked?  What does living in an unfolding apocalyptic reality look like? What can the living world teach us at this time? What are the creative possibilities that are now emerging, or waiting to be embodied?

This two day retreat with Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee will explore these questions through the following themes—initiation and transformation, walking with ashes, returning to the essential roots of spiritual ecology, and emerging from fire into possibility. Through talks, film and storytelling, nature connection practices, silent and walking meditation, and a special musical performance, we will gather together to find ground in this new reality, gain deeper kinship with the living world, celebrate the abundance of summer, and look to the emerging connections between ecology, culture, and spirituality.


Please note that depending on the status of the pandemic we may have to institute additional safety measures and precautions for attending the retreat. In the event that this retreat needs to be cancelled due to a COVID lockdown or government mandated change to event rules preventing a gathering of this size, all participants will receive a full refund.

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